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If you are looking for a cost-effective way to flip your current girth gear or if you require a new gear installed

Our OEM trained Engineering Team is experienced in all aspects of mill gearing from designing to installations.

Third Party Bull Gear Flips and Changeouts
Third Party Bull Gear Flips and Changeouts Pinion

Our Engineering Team offers:

Third Party Girth Gear Acquisition Support

    1. AGMA ratings, drive train design, manufacturing, and installation.
    2. Quality Assurance documentation, including critical manufacturing procedures and standards for major mechanical parts girth gears, pinions, mill shells, heads and trunnions.
    3. Manufacturer Audits (QA/QC), and oversight during critical inspections and documentation signoff prior to shipment of goods

Third Party Girth Gear Commissioning

    1. Girth gear and pinion installation oversight.
    2. Proper installation procedures are followed.
    3. All critical steps are documented and available for future reference.

Third Party Girth Gear Operation and Maintenance

    1. RCM approach to maintenance, and audits of existing maintenance plans.
    2. Preventative maintenance tasks tied to specific failure modes.
    3. Predictive maintenance tasks, to detect potential failure modes.

Third Party Girth Gear End of Life Assessments

    1. Decision analysis on probability of failure weighing options for flipping gears, ordering spares, and timing of installations.
    2. Provide a procedure for inspection and verification on suitability for open gear and pinion flipping.
    3. Provide a framework and decision-making process for replacement gears.

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