Primary Gyratory Crusher NDT Program

The Crusher NDT Program is for HVC primary gyratory crusher components including the main shaft, large and small castings, pinion shaft assembly, adjustment and clamping rings, main frame, and hydroset.

Suggested Inspection components:

  • Main Shaft Ultrasonic In-situ Inspection; checking for cracking from inside out and surface. Inspect the bottom surface of the step for excessive wear, scoring or any signs of failure; main shaft sleeve for wear; lower bearing journal. Dust seal for wear.
  • Large Castings; bottom shell (Check bottom shell bushing for wear, scoring or burning; check for cracks), top shell, spider, dust sealing retaining rings, dust collar (inspect for wear on the OD or sealing area). Inspect the taper on machined surfaces of the top shell, bottom shell and spider to see that surfaces are not rusting or that there is no working between surfaces. Taper fit wear between the spider and top shell can only be measured by gauges available from Metso.
  • Small Castings; spider bushing seals (check for nicks, cracks and wear), step bearings, eccentric assembly (check for cracks; keyway, gear teeth; remove any burrs and sharp edges)
  • Pinion Shaft Assembly (backlash & tooth contact; remove any burrs, check seals for leaking; bearings for fatigue, spalling)
  • Adjustment Ring
  • Clamping Ring
  • Main Frame
  • Hydroset; Visually inspect step washer for wear & roughness; score marks.
  • Check for cracks on any threaded areas that are accessible.

                                                    All of these components are based on access and cleanliness.

Crusher NDT Program