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As our services largely focus on the mining sector, we identified the challenges in hiring this creates. We are looking for means to increase the number of people wanting to work in our company.

A recent study by Mining Industry Human Resources Council (MiHR) identified mining as one of the least desirable career choices by people aged 30 and under in Canada. They found respondents still perceived mining to be dirty and unsafe.

Global PAM actively participates with the MiHR ( to support a strong workforce.

Strategic goals of MiHR include the following:

  • Gender Equity in mining
  • Diversity in mining and
  • Support for Immigrants to enter the mining sector

Administratively Global PAM participates in steering committee activities and belongs to ENSEMBLE.

ENSEMBLE is an online social network of professionals interested in supporting and driving diversity and inclusion in Canada’s mining industry. It includes members from immigrant-serving organizations, Canadian mining companies, educators, Indigenous communities, and women’s and diversity organizations.

ENSEMBLE: The Mining Diversity Network

ENSEMBLE: The Mining Diversity Network (

Global PAM has developed practices to support the introduction and integration of employees with diverse backgrounds into our company.

  1. Global PAM has in the past in the past three years exposed young coop students to the new technology and innovation. During their work terms we provide mentoring and support.  These students have come from the fields of engineering, arts, and computer science.
  2. We have increased our periods of orientation and hired a supervisor dedicated to overseeing the integration of new employees to the team.
  3. We have implemented flexibility in our workplace. This allows employees to incorporate their cultural/family priorities into their work life.  The leadership team openly acknowledges and models the respect of employee lives.
  4. We have implemented policies regarding workplace bullying and a culture of safety based on Worksafe BC.
  5. Upon hiring female technicians, we ensured the camps at mining sites were safe and appropriate before sending them on jobs. We provided additional support and mentoring throughout the job.
  6. Several employees, including the leadership have completed the Intercultural Online Training modules offered through MiHR.

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