The Power Turbine Optimization Program

  • Certifications in all NDE techniques; Level III.
  • Manage personnel in quality control/engineering/NDE.
  • Assist clients in identifying opportunities to optimize their turbine outage program, reduce planned turbine generator outage durations, reduce turbine generator maintenance costs, increase turbine operating reliability, and reduce turbine generator outage risks.
  • Manage turbine crews for outages at power and nuclear plants with the ability to work under tight deadlines and prioritize work to achieve your goals.
  • Performed NDE evaluations on all critical turbine parts, convey inspection results, and prepare exceptional reports for clients.
  • Ability to solve practical and technical problems in the field, and convey results effectively to other technical staff and clients/members.
  • Create techniques and procedures to specific standards.
  • Specializing in third-party engineering, design, installation, inspection, risk assessment, and maintenance of large girth gear systems.
Power Turbine Inspection & Optimization
Power Turbine Inspection & Optimization