We provide failure Analysis and contingency planning for mill and kiln drivetrains; from operation & maintenance support to end of life.

Logistic Support

  • Resource support plans, total cost of ownership.
  • Training programs
  • Optimization of insurance spend, maintenance spend, and sparing costs.

Operation and Maintenance Support

  • RCM (Reliability Centered Maintenance Program) approach to maintenance, and audits of existing maintenance plans
  • Preventative maintenance tasks, tied to specific failure modes.
  • Predictive maintenance tasks, to detect potential failures.
  • Girth Gear Inspections per ASTM E-2905
  • Structural Inspections, Shells, Heads, Trunnions, Rollers, Riding Rings
  • Operational inspection tasks and intervals
  • One time or engineering changes can be implemented where the probability of failure and consequences of failure are deemed unacceptable.

End of Life Support

  • Provide a procedure for inspection and verification on suitability for open
    gear and pinion flipping.
  • Provide a framework and decision making process for replacement gears.
  • Assess alternative solutions to scrapping old gearing, dependent on condition and structure.

Failure Analysis and Contingency Planning PowerPoint: