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Our team conducts gear inspections and risk assessments based on AGMA 6014

Mill Gear Specialists

Global-PAM engineers are mill gear specialists whose capabilities include Girth Gear Asset Management

Girth Gear Inspection

Certificate of Appreciation

In January 2014, Global was awarded an ASTM E07 Certificate of Appreciation;

in appreciation for our leadership in the development of new standard E2905, “Standard Practice for Examination of Mill and Kiln Girth Gear Teeth.” To be chosen for recognition among a committed and involved group of professionals is indeed a great honor.

There are two electromagnetic techniques that are the basis of this standard: Eddy Current Array (ECA) – for detection of surface defects and Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) for sizing of any cracks found.


Global-PAM are Mill Gear Specialists and Leaders in Physical Life Cycle Asset Management, Risk Improvement Solutions, Reliability, and Optimization.

We combine our knowledge and ingenuity to develop innovative solutions to match the unique needs of our customers. Global’s risk assessments add clarity to our asset management recommendations helping our customers make informed condition-based decisions. Our solutions reduce safety concerns, reduce downtime, and increase equipment availability which increases revenue.

Working with our customers, the Global team of specialists conduct risk assessments, propose solutions and present unique customer-focused plans.  We measure our processes and outcomes with the goal to continuously improve. Global has expanded its markets worldwide by building strong relationships with customers and working with them to build efficient and reliable strategies applying the latest technology.


  • Innovative Patented Technologies for Risk Improvement Solutions
  • Corporate Risk Assessment Programs
  • Large Open Gear Engineering and Reliability
  • Gyratory Crusher Optimization

Mill and Kiln Specialists

Our comprehensive offering for mills and kilns enables us to work with sites throughout the life cycle of their critical gearing assets.

Upfront we can improve operational reliability with additional built in-service factors in the design phase, and proper installation and alignment during commissioning.

Our offering when customized for a site allows them to optimize the utilization and cost of ownership of their mill and kiln assets.

Advanced NDT work

Many of our clients in the mineral processing industry chose us as their preferred contractor for all NDE work in addition to our specialties.

Our specialists make Global the choice for
Physical Asset Management of critical assets.