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Pinions typically see 10-20 X the number of cycles as the mill gears, despite being harder and designed for this load.

Wear, Macropitting, and Fatigue Cracking are common failure modes that compromise pinions. Conducting regular stroboscopic inspections, stop action photographs, temperature monitoring, and vibration analysis is essential to catch these failure modes early and avoid unplanned downtime.

The common remedy is to replace the pinion to avoid causing prolonged damage to the girth gear, and prevent a pinion tooth fracture.

Reinstallation of new pinions on worn gear flanks must be done by Girth Gear drivetrain experts.

Contact must be optimized and typical installation and measurement practices modified to ensure the best possible operation, and avoid damage to the gear or pinion.

Call our Girth Gear experts today to see how we can help ensure your new pinion is installed properly.

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