The objective of shovel audits is to substantially lower equipment costs per hour and/or tonnes and develop well forecasted annual and multi-year operating budgets. This is critical in optimizing component life cycles and increasing fleet availabilities. We can provide Shovel and Drill Consultations that include PM optimization; Shovel and Drill cost per Hour enhancements; Life Cycle optimization on components; OEM alternatives for repair and component rebuilds.

  • Set up a PM and Inspection schedule for the shovel and/or drill This would be based on operating hours.
  • Provide a schedule for component life change out based on operating hours, as well as industry history and OEM recommendations. This would be in an Excel type program; used as a predictive planning tool.
  • Establish cost per hour; critical for budgeting 1-3 years out.
  • Set up rebuild program for life’s out components or exchange type.
  • Set up a hoist, crowd, and retract rope predictive failure program based on tonnage, hours, or (history).
  • Provide proven procedures for changing out components, ropes, and major.
  • Audits on all major components. Tracks, side frames, carbody, rev frame, buckets, gearing, sticks, and advising on repairs that are required.
  • Advising on all planning and scheduling aspects.
  • Lube and systems set ups and inspections.
Bucket/Shovel Audits
CAT 495 Shovel Audits