Risk Improvement Solutions, Reliability and Asset Optimization

Service and Inspection Capabilities

  • Third-party gear engineering, design, installation, risk assessments, inspections, pinion alignments and maintenance audit and full FMEA audits on large scale power transmission equipment commonly used on trunnion and roller supported mill and kiln drives.

Girth Gear Inspection Deliverables

  • We provide a complete non-destructive examination of the integrity of the mill gear teeth in accordance with ASTM E2905, for macro-pitting and cracking. We analysis the data as we scan the teeth.
  • If cracks are detected, we provide remedial relief (excavating services) during the inspection site visit. Shutdown time could affect these services.
  • We can clean a girth gear set in under 1 hour and inspect the same in under 9 hours; saving valuable downtime and increasing production revenue.
  • We also provide an onsite failure analysis as per AGMA 1010-F14 of the failure modes present, if any, their severity, and how these might impact the operational function of the mill. A clean gear set is a mandatory for this analysis.
  • The final report provides a concise insight for the maintenance team and insurance industry on the level of exposure being presented by any operation relating to girth gear teeth.

IsaMill and HIGmill Fine Grinding/Stirred Milling Equipment

  • We provide a complete Mechanical Mill Inspection of all MIG and UFG grinding applications.
  • We provide full installation and commissioning support throughout all stages of the equipment.
  • We provide Maintenance and Operational training for All grinding applications
  • We provide continuous improvement solutions to allow for improved operations of the fine grinding circuit.

Additional Mill Services

  • Ball Mill Trunnion Seal Replacement, Supervisory service, or a full crew to complete the seal replacement can be arranged.
  • Ball Mill Annual Inspection, to ensure the mill and all the auxiliaries are all still in good condition. This provides an outside perspective on the current install base and allows a firm communication on recommendations/challenges to improve on.
  • Gear to Pinion Tooth Clearances recorded at 4 stages of the gear. This will help have an general overview of the Gear Ovality. Supervisory service or a full crew to complete the seal replacement can be arranged.
  • Drive train alignment if needed, including pinion replacement. A full pinion assemble preparation for installation can be discussed on a case by case. Supervisory service or a full crew to complete the seal replacement can be arranged.
  • Gear Guard Felt Seal Replacement. Supervisory service or a full crew to complete the seal replacement can be arranged.

Advanced NDT Services

  • Global technicians are experts in advanced non-destructive testing services. Our specialties are Phase Array Ultrasonics and Eddy Current Array. We used the most advanced technology to save the asset owner time and money. We are well experienced in lifting device inspections and certification.

Reverse Engineering

  • Global provides complete reverse engineering services including “manufacture ready” drawings. The asset owner keeps the drawings.

Certificate of Appreciation

In January 2014, Global was awarded an ASTM E07 Certificate of Appreciation;

in appreciation for our leadership in the development of new standard E2905, “Standard Practice for Examination of Mill and Kiln Girth Gear Teeth.” To be chosen for recognition among a committed and involved group of professionals is indeed a great honor.

There are two electromagnetic techniques that are the basis of this standard: Eddy Current Array (ECA) – for detection of surface defects and Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) for sizing of any cracks found.