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Videos: MIRACON21 – The 2021 MIRA conference was an online event




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In October 2021, MIRA held an on-line conference spanning three days for a global audience of some 325 delegates. We heard from more than 60 professionals and specialists from across the mining, risk and insurance sectors, covering a diverse array of subjects.

Links to videos of each of the day’s sessions can be found below as well as an agenda for each day to help pinpointing specific sessions in each video.

Day 1

Effects on the Mining Industry of the Decarbonisation Transition/Automation in the Mining Industry/Increased Risks in a COVID-19 World

Day 2

Tailings Dams & the GISTM/Challenges for Mining Companies in the Current Insurance Market Cycle/Technical Advisory Group Sessions

Day 3

Lessons Learned/MIRA Board Q&A/ESG Evolution in the Mining & Insurance Industries/ Technical Advisory Group Sessions

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