RCM approach to maintenance, and audits of existing maintenance plans

Field Service

  • Girth gear installation oversight.
  • Pinion installation oversight.
  • Pinion alignments to the girth gear.

Preventative maintenance tasks tied to specific failure modes.

  • Proper alignment.
  • Contamination exclusion and removal. (GF 460EP Flushing Lubricant)
  • Monitoring and maintaining alignment. (IR Systems)

Predictive maintenance tasks, to detect potential failures.

  • Inspections per ASTM E-2905.
  • Open Gear split joint and structure inspections.


  • Creating a girth gear asset management program would deliver consistency, efficiency and standardization.
  • We have compiled 12 years of data of gear failure modes in an electronic format. This helps us find the root cause quickly.

Scheduled inspections and maintenance recommendations.

  • The program will provide the ability to accurately forecast demand for components in the future.
  • Enhance the lifecycle of critical assets.
  • Provide electronic reports that can be archived for future reference.